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Added  Oct 25 2018
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Does anyone out there have the PM protocol for this asset?

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Added  Jan 3 2018
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Aerospray 7150 started stripping the slides this week-end. when I came in this morning noticed that Nozzle D was not sitting correctly in its place. when I removed it, it seems there is a plastic with a whom that came out of position from this nozzle. Any suggestion on how to fix it.

RE: Wescor - Aerospray 7150
Updated  Jan 20 2014
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We have an old 7150 and the stainer lid is broken.    Should we order the 12 slide carousel or do we have the option to just order the lid.


Keith Nelson



RE: Wescor - Aerospray 7150
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Does the reagent D fixative need to be stored in a chemical cabinet or should the amount stored be limited?

RE: Wescor - Aerospray 7150
Added  Jan 31 2012
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We just got this model at my place of employment and the first thing we noticed is the large amount of stain percipitant left on the slide after staining. Could it be due to the high concentration of the stains it uses? Are there any dilution materials available for this problem?

RE: Wescor - Aerospray 7150

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