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Mon Aug 13 2012
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I keep getting an error when using the Toshiba PVT 575MV:

"Mechanical Transducer Error: Please select another transducer or reboot the system and then select mechanical transducer."

What do you think is the issue and is it repairable?

Tue Jul 10 2012
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Can someone tell me how you change the IP address on this Ultrasound modality

Thanks  Les

Tue Apr 10 2012
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please can someone tell me the list of accessories. eg. software cd, recovery cd etc. with a new xario machine.

i am buying an authorised distributor demo machine from erbis in india and would like to be sure i am getting all the standard accessories supplied with a new machine.

thanks in advance

dr. gv ramaiah

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I am looking for a third party Ultrasound repair and maintenance service in Houston. I have toshiba Xario, Accuson x300, and Terason systems.


Any suggestion?



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Want to buy an used xario.  What is the difference between xario (SSA 660A) and xario XG (680) and why do we find more used xario than xario XG?

If someone has tried both of them?                                     

Thank you


Thu Feb 9 2012
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Plz help me in software reload and service manual.

Sat Oct 8 2011
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I need User Manual of Toshiba Nemio XG & Xario Ultrasound Color Doppler. Please email or upload here if anyone have this.

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I need to repair the patient database for the Xario.
How is the way to get the Windows page?

Sun Aug 7 2011
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Good afternoon, I needed help setting up a keypad functions (A and B Print ... etc ...) of Xario, when you want to print and store an image for example. I do not know if it comes in the technical manual if necessary and can think of would be good. Thanks Best regards

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Hi Everyone, I need some help. I have an Xario that I need to re-load software on. I have the CD's, however the system will not boot from them. Thanks, Chris

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