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Added  Jun 18 2022
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Planning for new build and looking to find out how much detergent is used per wash cycle to establish inventory par levels. Anyone know?

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3
Updated  Feb 8 2022
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neptune will clean bottom canister and not the top

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3
Updated  Feb 11 2021
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When using the smoke evacuator can you suction fluid into the filter with the smoke?

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3
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I am an architect trying to ensure we have enough space for the Stryker Neptune 3. I have numerous pdf's but none have plan dimensions of the unit and the docking station.

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3
Updated  Jan 4 2021
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Error clears once docked, out of dock unit works well until throwing the code again in the middle of use. Anyone run into the same thing?

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3
Added  May 5 2020
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Where can I find instruction on annaul PM?

RE: Stryker - Neptune 3

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