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My touch screen has a wrench on it and I am unable to use my unit. I just purchased it second hand, how can I resolve this wrench? I find no steps in the manuals. PLEASE HELP!

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Added  Aug 30 2016
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i have problem in beckman coulter act diff , the result of platelet is 0 and the RBC is good .how to solve this problem . 



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Updated  Jan 8 2013
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Looking for service manual of ACT Diff of Coulter

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Updated  May 9 2012
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Hello, I work with a non for profit medical clinic in Guatemala & was wondering if you think this would work well in a 3rd world country. 

Also, for the blood samples do you just use regular lab tubes that they use in hospitals?


Also, what other things would you have to buy to be able to use this machine daily...besides the blood tubes?

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Updated  Apr 7 2012
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Looking for thoughts on the Shutdown procedures. The Shutdown procedures call to use a bleach solution to prepare the unit for shutdown. My experience is that the bleach will crystalize after prolong storage of the units. This will cause bad readings upon startup when the unit is put back in use.

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Added  Oct 25 2010
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wbc failed and plt failed

RE: Beckman Coulter - Ac·T diff

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