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Added  Nov 18 2014
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During a rinse or a clean there is an overflow of rinse solution

forced out through the sample probe (OTS) as well in the Acts

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Added  Jan 13 2014
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I had completed the process for the perox lamp alignment and the set light intensity...I was then to run a normal control to verify Neut x and Neut y values.  I ran the low control by mistake and now my differential values are incorrect with my neutrophils and my monocytes.  How do I correct this?  I tried doing the same processes again and running my normal control but it did not correct the values.  Is there an easy fix for this problem?

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Updated  Jan 7 2013
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please help in providing supply order numbers for our advia stain and buffer.

we are at st josephs medical center in the heights, houston, texas 77008

we use the stain,buffer combo for manual staining.

gabriele scott


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