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Anyone ever had a motor drive assy issue whereby there is a motor enable and a run signal reaching the first pcb yet the lower drive module "enable" red LED is not turning on? The error message comes up in the display as "Tach signal not present" but this is only because the motor drive control module is not being "enabled" I'm guessing the fault s/w table isn't smart enough to isolate the fault any further? Don't want to have to purchase a new motor drive module as this is probably an smd logic ic fault on one of the motor drive pcb's which can easily be repaired. Any help will be greatfully reciprocated thanks Z

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Manual says this is a minor error and to simply clear it. The Clear key does not clear it. Please help. The machine was fine otherwize.

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Updated  Nov 14 2016
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when I turn on the main switch on the monitor appear POWER FAIL error msg I need to do whant can I do to resolve this alarm thanks att raul

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Updated  Jun 21 2016
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Powewr fail error scrolls on display. Clear button pressed but there is no action. What can I try

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Updated  Jan 13 2017
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We purchased one of these used and when it came to us, the door was locked and could not be opened until the power was turned on. Now that we have it opened, we are unable to get it to lock. We always get a door lock error message and have never been able to get it to lock since it was first opened.




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Our handle broke completely off and now we are unable to open the door to access the centrifuge chamber.  We do not have an instruction manual.  Any help on opening the door would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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Updated  Mar 28 2013
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need operator instruction manual for sorvall rc cenifuse Please

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