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Added  Jan 25 2023
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Looking for CO2 module PN 453564262471 Current unit aspirated liquid, cleared tubing, tried to recalibrate but it is returning error when verifying cal

Equipment: Philips - SureSigns VM8

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Added  Nov 20 2020
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Originally the user complained that the diastolic pressure reading was too high. Attempted an NBP calibration but the pump did not come on. I've replaced the following: - NBP pump module - Mainboard - Power supply module I am still getting an NBP malf and pump is not working which is causing it not to calibrate.

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Updated  Apr 14 2016
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VM8 monitor nibp not working please give any idea

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Updated  Jan 14 2014
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There is a problem in the VM8, monitor showed the messege"NIBP loose cuff". is there any solution for me?

its urgent.

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Added  Nov 16 2012
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Does anyone have the service manual or password?

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Updated  Nov 10 2011
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Picked up VM8 from the GI room , nurse states that the blood pressure is not working , I have had this unit an a smart arm for over 2 hours at 120/80 at 10 minute intervals and not one failure , what do I need to ask the nurse , or look at on this unit?

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8

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Equipment Name: Philips - SureSigns VM8
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