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Updated  Oct 18 2021
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I have a Beckman Coulter Optima L-100K Ultracentrifuge. When I turn the machine on the screen goes from with then in the middle area it starts getting black until the whole screen becomes black. Has anyone had this before? I replaced the screen but no luck. Thanks This is the color screen model

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I have a 1990's model Beckman Optima XL-100K centrifuge. Had been running well for over a year. Recently, the recent runs have shut down after about 5 minutes. The unit will restart and shut down about 5 min after hitting speed. There are no weird noises that I can ascertain. The centrifuge has been shutting down with the above error message. Among things I suspect is that the oil in the drive needs changing. I looked on line and there is no informatiion that I could find. When I querried Beckman about buying a service manual, the price was $3,213. Seems a bit steep for a nearly 30 yr old centrifuge. Any ideas on how to proceed? What can a reasonably competent user investigate and service to correct this situation.

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Added  Dec 25 2010
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hi..i m one of BC optima L-100K user.i m running my recombinant protein extraction project that require this machine. my question is.. i would like to run this machine at 44K rpm for 1hr & 20 mins at 4 C long does it take for this machine to run once i key in all the setting that i i have to wait the vaccum drop until

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