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Updated  May 12 2022
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Anyone has this service manual? Need schematic to troubleshoot. Thanks.

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Centrifuge turns on, but gives error messages 18. Instruction manual says "Temperature error. (? ≥ 5 °C). Switch off the centrifuge." 

the temperature is replaced by new sensor (pt1000) 


can reset the Centrifuge with service keys?



RE: EPPENDORF - Microcentrifuge 5415 R
Added  Apr 23 2015
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Centrifuge turns on, but gives error messages 20 & 21. Instruction manual says to contact technical service reps because of an electrical issue. Eppi reps quote for repair is my first born child.

1. Does anyone have the service (not instruction) manual to the 5415R centrifuge series?

2. Does anyone know what are Error 20 and Error 21?

3. Does anyone know how to fix error 20 and error 21?

Many thanks in advance!

RE: EPPENDORF - Microcentrifuge 5415 R

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