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Updated  Aug 16 2021
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I need the part number for the main board I have been on the phone with them for an hour then got the leaver your number and no one called back yet from Friday.

RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702
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looking for instructions to replace the lid springs

RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702
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Lid message, staff can not open lid. Pressing "Open" button does nothing.

RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702
Added  Sep 18 2014
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I need these replacement parts and your prices on these parts.

1 ea. Lid

2ea. Lid screws

4ea. Replacement Springs

1ea. Shaft (Lid Bar)

RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702
Updated  Apr 1 2013
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L-I-D on readout but lid will not lock and the instrument will not start.  Can you help?


RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702
Updated  May 31 2012
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If the timer is not increasing or decreasing time but it can start and stop centrifuge,what could be wrong?

RE: EPPENDORF - Centrifuge 5702

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