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Added  Dec 28 2020
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Please can i download the manual?

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Updated  Nov 8 2017
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need the users manual

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Updated  Aug 20 2017
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How do I do its instalation

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Added  Jul 25 2016
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We bought micro plate washer MINDRAY MW 12A and Micro plate reader MINDRAY MR 96A. But there nothing about how to use these equipments. and we need users or operators manual.can you help me?

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Added  Mar 7 2016
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Dear sir/madum,

                               Mindray MW-12A ( Micro Plate Washer ) shows an error

( Please Check the manifold press ok to continue ) when i start the mchine.

Please help us to resolve this error.



RE: Mindray - MW-12A
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As we mentioned in the title of this post, we found vertical movement error in the beginning of the program screen. Please, I am kindly requesting you to deliver the solution of above mentioned title as soon as possible.

Thanking You.



RE: Mindray - MW-12A

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