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a new rotary valve home sensor was placed on the analyzer now error code [539] shows up. any ideas?

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need manual of seeming dimension x pand and when to reject calibration, and when to accept.

Mon Nov 9 2015
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Where can I get a users guide for the new expand 10.1 software?

Wed Jan 14 2015
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How we can LIS ?

How we can connect it with Computer to generate reports through our software

Thu Nov 27 2014
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please i need the manual in PDF form .. i lost my electronic version.

tnank you

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i just want to know in detail connection to another computer or LIS host including the type of cables required which ports to use to connect drivers to use if needed, in what format is the data transmitted. How to configure the bidirectional mode.

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Dear Sir/madam,


Pl tell me when to say that clibration for any parameter is successful? 

Because my control are ok but result of one parameter are haywire.

I checked the claibration print outs. I found wrong SD  in calibration sheet when I manually calculated the SD.



Dr Prakash

Aljouf , SA

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My Siemens Dim Xpand Plus is either not getting power or something is blocking the power to the device? I turn on the main power and within a few seconds we hear a "click" sound like a switch or fuse being tripped but absolutly no power to anything.

We have replaced the 15 and 20amp main fuses and still no power, no lights, no fans etc. strange thing is when we power off the main switch and turn it back on we don't get that "click" sound, it's only after we wait 3-5 minutes and power it back on that we get that click sound, the "single click" is coming from the right side near the large fan area mounted on the side panel.  Just 1 click and nothing else.

Any insight would be apprecaited,


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Can anyone tell me other distributors/vendor for Dimension reagents aside from Labsco? Im looking for one

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