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Updated  Jan 20 2022
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I am being asked about using the BC Group CS-2000 1A current source to suppliment the SA-2000 analyzer here in reference to the IEC 62353 standard for electrical safety testing. Does anyone have any ideas on how this works exactly as to "why" it is requested to be used? The unit I have in point is a Physio-Control Lifepak 20, which I am being told requires the current source due to the 200mA current requirement for ground measurement... I have read through my service manuals on the LP20, and I just don't see this at all.. I have been researching the IEC 60601-1 standard which has been the NFPA 99 standard since "forever", and evidently the 62353 is being looked at to surplant the 60601.. I understand the 60601 is a bit taxing on the equipement in terms of the load shoved on the equipment, and the levels of use for the proper use of analyzation such as check-in, repair - service, or normal PM processes. When I read the operator manual for the SA-2000 series units, I am just not seeing the full compatibility of the standards in their use. The 110% of the line voltage for example, or the 25A tesing of grounds. The other analyzers do not conform either as far as I can detect as well. One would think electrical safety testing would be the simplest task a Biomed could perform, but I seem to be sinking into a rabbit hole here in questions and non-answers... both in the standards as well as the analyzers as well. Anyone else look into these questions out there? We used to have the IEC 601-1 which was surplanted by the IEC 60601-1 group.. now it is going to the IEC 62353 to save stress on the equipment.. ARRGGHH! I am frustrated with these videos I see on Youtube on using a safety analyzer and that they only perform part of the process, completely skipping the IEC 60601-1 ground testing or the DC insulation testing and such. What do you guys think? Am I crazy here?

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