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Added  Feb 25 2021
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Comment corriger les erreurs sur sonoace r3 ultrasonique ? Erreur :"si vous voulez installer la partition par défaut Linux, DIV RAID, veuillez ne pas utiliser l'opération de création OPROM

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Updated  Mar 29 2018
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my sonace r3 ultrasound is freezing when trying to start up. it shows a message titled 'xterm' and when i opened it, a message "-bash-2, 05b#" displays. please, if anyone has an idea of fixing it...

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Added  Jun 26 2017
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How to fix errors on ultrasonic sonoace r3:   Error: if you want to install linux default partition DIV RAID, pls not use OPROM creation operation

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Updated  Jun 24 2017
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how can i troubleshoot sonoAce R3 ultrasound with error XTERM with small box display with black background?? with regards

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Updated  Nov 22 2016
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Do you sell the endovaginal probe for sono ace R3?


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Updated  May 11 2016
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My SonoAce R3 would not export pictures to flash memory. It keeps displaying a message as "no storage is available". I wonder how I can fix this problem


Dr H Fathi

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Updated  Jan 25 2017
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Our Medison SonoAce R3 suddenly began booting much more slowly a couple weeks ago. It used to start up in under a minute, but now it takes six minutes to start up and become usable. We are concerned this may be a sign of impending failure of a more serious nature.

There is plenty of free space on the machine and there are no other issues with picture or performance at this time.

We have several tech-savvy volunteers with linux experience available to look at the system. Are there any log files or other information we should be checking for problems? Are there other troubleshooting steps we could or should take?

Thank you in advance!

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Added  Nov 15 2015
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PRESS ON/OFF, SE ENCIENDE Y LUEGO DE 5 o 6 Segundo se apaga.

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Hi Guys,

im after the above manuels, can anyone help me out?

or anylinks would be much appreciated....


many thanks 


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Does anyone support the SonoAce R3? I have a system that appears to have a bad hard drive or SW corruption based on the fact it will not store any images to the hard drive. The hard drive has 12 studies and will transfer to a USB stick on Export.

If I can't locate the SW Rev 2.00..01.036 I will go onsite with a computer loaded with Norton Utilities and attempt to clean up any bad sectors or corruption. Do you know if the system is Windows based? Hopefully Win XP or in that range.

I have a users manual but could really use a service manual and some idea how to run diagnostics.


Pinnacle Medical Imaging, Inc.

Jeff Majors


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