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Updated  Oct 24 2023
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Dear colleagues, The worstation has not started. I have the 20 arrows that appear at the end of startup, however the worstation does not start and the c-Arm remains stuck on these 20 arrows. It does not display mA or KV. Does anyone have any idea. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Equipment: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600

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Updated  Jun 9 2023
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How do I load the data back onto the SRAM card?

The battery wore out.

I have the 3 & 1/2 floppy and SRAM card (w/new battery).

Anyone know?

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600
Added  May 1 2023
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What is the difference between the “one shot” and “dig. spot” operation modes?

Also, I could not find dosage information anywhere online. What are the actual dosage numbers (rad, Sv, or Gy) for each of these modes?

Can anyone point me to a user manual for this device?

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600
Updated  Feb 17 2023
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Looking for the info on the programmer/reader for copying the gen files back to SRAM after battery depleted. 1. What reader/Programmer? 2. What bit rate is needed on Reader? 8bit or 16 bit? The cards are becoming obsolete. 3. Note sure what replacement SRAM card is needed. Thanks

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600
Updated  Feb 9 2023
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I have a customer that called in from out of state asking for help finding the peak skin dose. Because I work on most of the 9800-up c-arms in my region everyone assumes I know how to do this. I'm not very familiar with the 9600, looking for some guidance on how to turn this on if possible.

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Updated  Dec 6 2022
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Hey, on a 9600 I got a working video switching PCB but only one of it's LED lights is on. I know if, two are on it's working. What would be a reason for only one light to be on? The unit doesn't shoot x-rays as well

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600
Added  Sep 18 2022
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we have issues of BOX OF LIGHTS RE SYCLING ON THE C-ARM monitors between 4 boxes and 8 box and it won't go in to the arrow phase. and we found the SRAM 3 volt battery dead, Repalced it, still the same issue persists. we have decided to format and copy from floppy disk to sram. for that we have searched and got a computer that has PCMCIA port but doesn't support floppy disk. i am thinking of using CD or flush drive is that okay, from floopy to flush drive ; on the computer from FLUSH TO SRAM? is there any major and minor tips from professionals, this is my first time that is why. i have got the manuals but i didn't get some of the points written. please help? +251929466619

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Updated  May 6 2022
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hey, guys. so, this 9600 boots up and takes x-ray but the left monitor doesn't show anything when trying to figure it out , the right monitor went out. now both monitors don't show anything. I open them up and notice there is no orange "glow" in the the bulbs that show when there's power in them. I swap out the the 2 power supplies that are in the workstation, the power control board, a different monitor, the J9 cable and I'm still not getting anything . does anybody have any ideas?

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Added  Apr 25 2022
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In search for OEC P/N 00-870775-01 - Mobile C-Arm Extender Card Buying advice is needed, no longer available from OEC as the 9600 was EOL in 2007

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Updated  Nov 17 2021
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Hey, Guys. on a 9600 I replaced the High Voltage cable. the system boots up completely but when I take a X-ray the "Saturation Fault error " appears. I reinserted all the wires from the HV cable again and still the same results. Does anybody have an idea what's wrong? Did I miss something?

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9600

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