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GE Healthcare - Dash 2500
When patient monitors displays loss of memory which particular component is dead or weak ?

RE: GE Healthcare - Dash 2500

mccariel replied a month ago

Added  May 25 2018
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GE Healthcare - Dash 2500
Hello, I need the password the access on the config and service menu of the GE Dash 2500. Can you send me it? Thank you

RE: GE Healthcare - Dash 2500 posted 2 years ago

Added  Jul 6 2017
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GE Healthcare - Dash 2500
Hello, Is anyone know where I can find the plastics valve inside the Dash 2500 and CareScape V100? I have few machine having broken valve but cannot fix or even find the part. Note: It's on the NIBP block and connect to the solenoids and motor . Thanks

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Phanna posted 3 years ago

Updated  Sep 16 2015
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GE Healthcare - Dash 2500

Is there anywhere I can download this?

Failing that, is does anyone have any details of the serial protocol used to communicate with these units. I've tried the commands listed in the manual which should turn on & off the NIPB pump, but no result.

Thanks for any help,


RE: GE Healthcare - Dash 2500

JMcC replied 5 years ago

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