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Mon Dec 2 2019
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Hi My "Drystar 5503 " doesn't print mammo exams in small film format even 8*10 inch films are in the input tray. its gives nothing and show nothing in NX workstaion interface. i check the printer input tray settings it gives me that films are in and in right format. i had print test image from the tray that contain Mammo films and it works fine. then i had change printer configuration from NX workstation i gives Mammo cassette 8*10 format. then its starts print out small images in 14*17inch films please how can i solve this problem

Tue Nov 19 2019
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Hi My NX viewer starts to give this message every time i entered CR cassette and select new exam Message:" unable to identify the cassette [Ref.MESS243] if a cassette not dedicated to mammography is inserted: Please identify a "non mammo" image or: please identify an image dedicated to mammography" i select every time the type of exam ex: mammo or abdomen but its doesn't work when i click to ID button it show that message! please how can i solve this problem

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Hi, The CR gives error 14860 at start-up and in service mode it says polygon doesn't reach the speed, indicates polygon or power supply fault, we changed the optical module and the power board but still same error, any help?

Tue Oct 1 2019
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Hello i lost the cd instalation for cr30x please help a software my email .

thnx this version is AGFA CR30-X AGFA HEALTHCARE

Reg. ANVISA 10370060008 SN 31040 Thanks bro

code PC

ABC-code 509GU 001

product: nx8200 hp 8000 raid 1 PC

serial number NX285-10693 Manufacturing date 20/07/2010

PC serial number cz026565f

Wed Aug 28 2019
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My Agfa CR 30-x fails to scan each time,i insert 17*14 cassette,it goes offline,what is the remedy?

Thu Aug 22 2019
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Hello, what can I do when there is mistake 10761 Thank you

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Hi! CF was damaged and now I need to replace it. I would be very happy and thankful if somebody could send me this file. My mail: Many thanks and best regards Oleg

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Slow to run the digitizer What's the reason?? Note that the installation of a new software for PC pleas help

Fri Feb 1 2019
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We had a hard drive crash and had set up CR Reader on a new hard drive with same specs. We keep getting the following error (Erro 2712): "The software version of the digitizer and that one installed on PC do not match. Please contact service to finish installation." The CR-30X I'm assuming is a 1st generation as the connection is through a Firewire Cable. Can anyone help us PLEASE???

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The device doesn't recognize cassette format(mostly large cassettes) I had this problem 3 years ago, changed the cassette fixation steel band, and everything was fine. Now I have the same problem, changed steel band again(it had crack at its end), but this time the problem remains.... Calibrations for Cassette Fixer Motor passes,but doesn't recognize large cassettes again. Anyone to have any idea what to do next ?

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