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Mon Nov 18 2019
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I have Nihon Kohden BSM 6701A went powered on has no display. What could be the possible cause and is the unit still supported?

Fri Apr 15 2016
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I have several different bedside monitors that are suffering intermittent SPo2 dropout. they are using a mixture of OEM original interface cables and pacific medical aftermarket ones. the problem seems to be universal to both types of cables. everythingwill berunning normally with the blueline across the screen and then everything related to spo2 will dropoff the screen and the only way to get it back will beto unplug the interface cable and plug it back in and then everything will be fine until it randomly decides to drop out again. sometimes the next dropout is immediate and sometimes it is the next day. help.

Tue Apr 12 2016
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mark ECG lines without electrodes

Tue May 26 2015
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Is the serial cable connection on a Nihon Kohden bsm6000 DTE or DCE?

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Is anyone using the NK monitors in their NICU/PICUs?  If so, how are they working out?


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Does anyone know where I can buy a serial (rs232) output card for the 6000 serias NK BSMs? This is for a potential project so buying a new unit is just too costly


Wed Aug 14 2013
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Zeroing process of Life scope TR - BSM 6000 series:

1. "do you need to zero?" YES

2. open transducer stopcock to air, off to pt.

Touch ALL ZERO or individual parameter zero cal button ...etc...

Is this all you have to do? This ICU still thinks they need to use a level each time they move, or etc....


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Looking for general feedback about these new touch screen Monitors and an Idea of the price.

Thanks, Alex

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