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Added  Dec 2 2022
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My health system owns about 12 DX-100 portables. As of today, we have now broken the frame on 3 different units at 2 different locations (pics attached). Has anyone else experienced this? We have several other portables (GE, Samsung, Philips) and have never had this happen on any other equipment.

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Added  Nov 17 2022
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I am looking for the software for this machine because the hard drive got destroyed. Thanks.

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Updated  Jun 24 2020
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Anyone have the login info for Agfa dc-d200

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Updated  Mar 15 2013
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Hi, I need the service manual for this unit. Thanks

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[i]DX-D 100 provides excellent image quality in efficient, easy-to-use-and-maneuver design[/i] [b] Mortsel, Belgium/Greenville, SC – August 12, 2011[/b] [list] [*] System enables high-quality radiology exams in mobile environments. [*] Offers fast imaging that can be validated immediately. [*] Enables lower cost per exam and higher diagnostic efficiency. [/list] Agfa HealthCare announces today that its mobile direct radiography (DR) system, the DX-D 100, is available for delivery in the United States and Canada. This highly maneuverable DR unit combines full mobility with Agfa HealthCare’s excellent image processing. The result enables high-quality radiology exams to be efficiently performed in mobile environments, including intensive care units (ICUs), emergency departments, operating rooms or at the bedside. [b]Excellent image quality for diagnostic confidence[/b] “Regardless of the location of the imaging exam, facilities need to be able to count on excellent image quality for a high level of diagnostic confidence, and that’s what the DX-D 100 will provide,” said George Curley, Senior Marketing Manager, Agfa HealthCare US. “This mobile DR solution is an excellent complement to Agfa HealthCare’s wide range of DR and computed radiography (CR) systems. Furthermore, it demonstrates our commitment to providing the tools that will enable healthcare facilities to operate efficiently while continually enhancing the delivery of patient care.” [b] Exceptional contrast detail and image quality plus fast preview[/b] The DX-D 100 uses Agfa HealthCare’s NX workstation and is supported by MUSICA2, Agfa HealthCare’s gold-standard image processing software, for excellent contrast detail and image quality. It is available with conventional Gadolinium or high-DQE Cesium DR panels for dose sensitive patients. It delivers fast image preview and excellent image resolution. Using either a WiFi connection or wired network capabilities, the patient worklist is downloaded to the DX-D 100 from the facility’s radiology information system (RIS). Immediately following image acquisition, images can be sent to the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) or to an imager for printing. [b]View images immediately after exposure[/b] Handling a broad range of general radiography X-ray exams, the DX-D 100 offers a very short exposure time; images are available for a quality control check almost immediately. With image storage of up to 4,000 images at any time, comparison with prior images is quick and convenient, and the combination of greater productivity and image quality translates into a lower cost per exam and higher diagnostic efficiency. The DX-D 100 is equipped with high X-ray generator power (up to 50 kW effective power) for accurate imaging of dense areas. This high generator power is designed to result in short exposure times while producing sharp images. The feature is particularly useful for abdomen and spine exams and also for X-rays of bariatric patients. [b]Designed for maximum usability and reliability[/b] The DX-D 100 is a heavy-duty, yet easy-to-maneuver mobile digital X-ray unit. With its small width, large rear wheels and fully motorized system, it is easily moved and operated by a single person, enabling an improvement in the efficiency of mobile imaging. The DX-D 100 is operated from a 17-inch touch screen and has excellent battery power management to handle heavy workloads when needed. Separate battery packs for driving and imaging deliver capacity efficiency, allowing, for example, up to 200 thorax examinations with one battery charge. The motor and generator batteries can be charged even while the unit is being used, thus eliminating any downtime during the charging process. To receive more information about this product or to speak with a product expert, please contact or visit [b] About Agfa[/b] The Agfa-Gevaert Group is one of the world’s leading companies in imaging and information technology. Agfa develops manufactures and markets analogue and digital systems for the printing industry (Agfa Graphics), for the healthcare sector (Agfa HealthCare), and for specific industrial applications (Agfa Materials). Agfa is headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium. The company is present in 40 countries and has agents in another 100 countries around the globe. The Agfa-Gevaert Group achieved a turnover of 2,948 million euro in 2010. [b]About Agfa HealthCare [/b] Agfa HealthCare, a member of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, is a leading global provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions. The company has nearly a century of healthcare experience and has been a pioneer on the healthcare IT market since the early 1990's. Today Agfa HealthCare designs, develops and delivers state-of-the-art systems for capturing, managing and processing diagnostic images and clinical/administrative information for hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as contrast media solutions to enable effective medical imaging results. The company has sales offices and agents in over 100 markets worldwide. Sales for Agfa HealthCare in 2010 were 1,180 million euro. For more information on Agfa HealthCare, please visit [url=][/url]. Agfa and the Agfa rhombus are trademarks of Agfa-Gevaert NV Belgium or its affiliates. MUSICA and DX are trademarks of Agfa HealthCare NV Belgium or its affiliates. All rights reserved. All information contained herein is intended for guidance purposes only, and characteristics of the products and services described in this publication can be changed at any time without notice. Products and services may not be available for your local area. Please contact your local sales representative for availability information. Agfa HealthCare diligently strives to provide as accurate information as possible, but shall not be responsible for any typographical error.

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