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Hello Folks, Can you help me to find out if the Varex X-ray tube RAD-12/Leo could be a good replacement for the X-Ray tube E 7843 Brivo DRF? Your help is highly appreciated! Thank you!

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Added  Mar 22 2019
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Hi, I want to know when was the last update from GE for Brivo DR-F Thanks.

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Hello, Sir/Miss.,Could you have the DR-R flatpanel detector for sale? I need it for my customer urgently. I am from China, if you can provide it ,a new one or used one, we will discuss a right price.Part number:5270090 model number:5215463, description:VRAD X-ray Detector.Thanks.Best wishes.

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Added  Jun 16 2014
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I need data sheet at General Electric -Brivo DRF



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