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Added  May 14 2014
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dear  sir,

i handle this machine and when system power on ,it comes out err01 sometimes.

and when  l pull out  pcb se13   and plug in  again  the error disappered .

but i also notice se13 pcb  STEFPC error  lit  on but i still can operate machine properly.

Is there anything wrong with my machine?

thanks for any helps!


best regard,



RE: Philips - BV-29
Updated  Feb 9 2016
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How fo you delete patient data from memoty of bv29?

RE: Philips - BV-29
Added  Aug 23 2012
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necesito el manual de uso si alguien me lo puede proporcionar gracias

RE: Philips - BV-29
Updated  Jun 18 2012
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Hi everyone, I have a Philips BV-29 C-arm that is working but there is no Image coming to the I.I.. The Image Intesifier has a new Power Supply, and the I.I. is  good since I replaced it from another system that was working good.

Will someone help me with some troubleshooting for it. I appreciate your help! Thanks

RE: Philips - BV-29
Updated  May 4 2012
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At times when i turn the equipment on and do my first couple shots it turns automatically off. Why is that? but this has only happen to me a couple times. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

RE: Philips - BV-29
Updated  May 3 2012
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need user manual. Any help?

RE: Philips - BV-29
Updated  May 3 2012
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Whenever I turn on the equipment everything works well and i can take exposures, when I press the Radiographic mode key the system shuts down. Anyone know why? any help?

RE: Philips - BV-29

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