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Hello friends. I am having problems with an oec9800 machine. The begining was the Fluoro Function Board that stuck the boot up process remainig only squares in the display of C.Arm. When ia replece this board with another one of different machine it work fine. I purchase a new board but this one still stuck the boot process. Even the workstation is unable to finish loading sofware. I cant connect via RUT because the generator dont finish the boot process. I tryed to erase flash but it didnt work. Somebody can help me? I work with this Carms since 2002 but with the models 9000, 9400 and 9600. Thanks !

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Hello my fellow Engineers, I have a 9800 Plus c-arm that has a rotor that constantly spins and the only way to stop it is by unplugging the batteries or disconcerting the tube connector. Please help! I've replaced the batteries and xray tube already.

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Hello I have a c-arm that even if it's left on for hours without being used the tube is still hot not scorching hot but hot enough to be concerned. It eventually overheats during operation. The cooling fan is working. Any ideas please?

Fri May 17 2019
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When attempting to boot up the OEC9800 a voltage error came up. The tower could be moved up and down but you could not expose with the button or pedal.

Mon Apr 15 2019
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I have a problem with 9800 plus, that loading stops at the 5th arrow. After checking the pc in the monitor stand. i found that the hard disk drive can't boot. I think its a deficit hard disk. Any ideas or help please? Thanks in advance

Wed Feb 27 2019
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Hi,Our machine starting in exposure for fluro image problem.That NO IMAGE AND KV TRACK INTO 120,its their problem coming black screen are there and auto set value for 120kv.Sometimes low value techniques are given to exposure get someoutput.How to clear this problem.

Wed Oct 24 2018
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I am getting a Cine the disk failure

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Hi, Have a OEC 9800 Super C 2004. Trying to Project the Image on a External Monitor. I am not a Technician but a Physician. The output on the back of the Workstation is Analog signal (BNC)? How do I "Convert it" to a VGA or HDMI. Saw online that I need a Sewell Luna BNC to VGA/HDMI converter. I was wondering if anyone has done this in the past and can help. What is the Easiest Way to Project the Image (Right & Left) onto an External Monitor. What is the Resolution coming out of OEC 9800? Thanks in Advance.

Tue Feb 13 2018
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Hi I have a system that has no errors being reported but while testing I found the KV in some shots( mostly higher and max dose shots, ) are over 6% of kv on c arm and monitor from the reading on my meter. Some are as much as 15% higher on the meter. Ive tried a different meter and get the same results. Ive done filament cals and saved to system twice. The complete generator cal has been done . Ive tried a new high voltage reg pcb

Sat Dec 30 2017
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I am in need of RUS/ RUT newer than Ver.7.1.23 or the latest for a 9800.

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