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Mon Nov 18 2019
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Hello, i've got an 8300 and i was just wondering if there is supposed to be a bushing or anything that holds the roller in place in the paper door, mine does not and it doesn't print as clearly as it should. problem is, i can't find anything online to even see what it would look like if there is supposed to be one. thanks for taking the time to reply.

Wed Oct 23 2019
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I need a paper door PN# 10-00492-01S. Mfg no longer support. If you know where I can get one please let me know. Horacebhunter@bellsouth.net

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The paper door broke, and they were purchased directly for the second time from Mortara. First time, door was replaced and worked fine. However, the unit says out of paper when trying to print. Tried re initializing it to factory defaults with no success. Tried original paper and it gives the same message. Technical Support says the Queque calibration is fine as 108 and does not seem a problem with the printer head or sensor but "spacing"

Mon Apr 24 2017
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what should you do daily for maintenance

Wed Oct 5 2016
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How would i go about printing a test page? To confirm that the machine is working properly, and calibrated properly?

Tue Jul 19 2016
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Replace roller door and now it will not print EKG results

Thu Mar 31 2016
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Where can I find replacement parts numbers for Burdick 8300?

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How can I get a replacment door panel that holds the roller for the ekg paper?


Thank you,


Jo Sing

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where can I find replacement plastic parts or paper tray for Burdick 8300

Tue Mar 3 2015
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Our Burdick 8300 is losing time even when plugged in.  How can this be resolved?

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