Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000
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Added  Sep 23 2022
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I need software and accessories for Periflux 5000. Please help.

Equipment: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000

RE: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000
Updated  Jan 22 2015
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Does any one have a Service Manual for the PeriFlux System 5000?

RE: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000
Added  Oct 25 2013
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when pressing the cal button what is the code E20 please? I seem to get that and have to turn the machine off and restart.

RE: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000
Added  May 15 2009
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I have a Perimed PF5002 tcpO2 monitor that has a bad lead/cable. The cable PN is E5250. Perimed wants $2150.00 for a new cable. Does anyone know of any secondary source for replacement cables or repair.

RE: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000

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Equipment Name: Perimed - PeriFlux System 5000
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