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I have this error ,when the KV reaches more than 64 ,then this error appear.

E 1066 can fault line active.

Any help please

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  Dec 3 2023
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Friends, I urgently need the passwords

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  Aug 3 2021
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Good day Can someone please send me a copy of the service manual on the ziehm solo Thank you Pierre

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  Jul 28 2021
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Good day Can someone pease assist? The Ziehm solo unit stopped screening and presented a error E1050 error. I hope it is not the tube or generator itself? This unit is 7 years old. If possible can i have a service manual as well. Thank you in advance. Pierre

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  Jun 16 2021
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Can anyone provide me with service documentation for a Ziehm Solo. I need to calibrate the touch screen and I'm looking for a procedure on how to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated.

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  May 21 2021
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I have a Solo that goes up, but doesn't come down. Could this be a fuse issue, or deeper? Any help is greatly appreciated.

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo
Updated  Apr 3 2018
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I'm looking for a PDF (or other) digital copy of the Ziehm PM form FRM-0158. I think the latest version is rev. H, but any version will do

RE: Ziehm Imaging - Solo

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