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Tue Jul 10 2018
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Instrument is unable to continue self check

Sat Apr 14 2018
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The screen does not work after the message AUTOTEST en proceso

Mon Nov 13 2017
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The my BTS-310 lost the data of the fhotometer. I need to adjust the fhotometer, but I dont know how do it. There is a menu: Other\Service\Adjust\Fhotometer\Adjust. This option ask me for a Standard kit. What kit is this? How I do photometer adjustment?

Thu Nov 2 2017
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chek calibration sum error pleas help What's wrong Do you have software?

Wed Jun 15 2016
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not displays informations in the screen.the screen is white.


Tue Mar 15 2016
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Hi. I am an engineer from Aleppo,Syria

I was asked by the Red Crescent to repair thier only BTS-310 device. The device is working all good but the lamp is not working. I replaced the lamp but still no light..

The lamp is labled as 6 volts but the terminals of the lamp socket gives 25 volts on my voltmeter. What could be the reason the lamp is not working. I know that the device should be sent to a service centre but war in Syria did not agree. I am trying to repair it under bombing .. hoping it could help save some lives. if any one has any circuitry schematic or any thing that could help.

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Hi Sir/Ma'am,

I have this Biosystem BTS 310 since 2010. Lately, in the middle of its operation, the display will go blank and the printer will just print 0's and 1's continously. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Sun Jan 31 2016
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base line error

Tue Jan 6 2015
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  BIOSYSTEMS BTS 305 donot support pump

I want software for the device


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