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Added  Aug 26 2019
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I got a 88 turbo that pops breakers 14 and 15 at the same time , cycle time remaining 5 min. Replaced dryer fans and still happens. its intermittent, happens randomly once or twice a week. anyone have had this before? tech support wasn't much help.

RE: Getinge - 88 Turbo
Updated  Sep 3 2017
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service manual

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I need to operate the soiled side door on this washer and need the service code/password to do so. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks.

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Updated  Mar 22 2016
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I am looking for the Getinge 88 series (turbo)service manual, in particular chapter or section 4 allowing to change the dosing settings (pump settings). Can anyone help. Their installation manual direct towards this but not supplied when machine was installed.



RE: Getinge - 88 Turbo

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