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Updated  Jan 18 2022
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How do I get into service mode? Dynatron Solaris 709 Plus

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Hi, I am interested in this ultrasound machine. Does it come with the sound head and does everything work well? Thank you.

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Hey Guys, Would any one be able to email me the service manual for this unit please? my email is i.malouf@hotmail.com Thanks Iyad

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I am looking to buy an applicator model 300-5, any body knows of a good source and how much a good price is? looking for service manuals as well for the Dynatron D150 plus system. Thanks

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Added  Mar 27 2015
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I am trying to determine if it is worth buying a new sound head for an old Dynatron 150. The instrument seems fine however the frequency and watts controls will not change the frequency or watts settings. They do however seem to be active as they initiate some of the software functions suggested when they are pushed and held during power up. A biomed tech suggested to me that there are issues with these controls and it may mean the machine requires board replacement. What I am hoping is the case is that these particular controls do not work without a soundhead being plugged. I can find no references in the manual and so far have not heard back from the manufacturer on this.

Has anyone direct experience with this or an instrument that they can try what I am doing without a soundhead to see if the settings can be adjusted?


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Updated  Jan 2 2014
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Anyone know where I can get a button for this unit?

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