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Sun Jun 9 2019
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I have acquires 2 acuson x150 model and the C-mode doesnt turn on. All other modes turns on and works. Is there anything i should do?

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Hello! Greetings from Venezuela, I have a problem with the aforementioned equipment, within a few minutes of turning it on it turns itself off. Emitting a sound like alarm. I do not have a service manual or more information on how to deal with this problem, if someone could help me in any way, I would be very grateful.

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Hi... I have problem with x150 ultrasound machine .. When doing dopler the color will not appear ..plz what am i going to do it from the settings or i should upload new software

Mon Nov 5 2018
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Hi All: I have a Siemens X-150 with problems to retain the Preset Configuration. After setup and configure all the measurements and Image parameters all the settings lost after the system boot up. I think is a software problem. If someone had this problem before please let me know to see alternatives to resolve this failure. I think a software reloading is an alternative to make the correction but I never done before. Please any suggestions to: Thank you

Tue Oct 16 2018
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Tue Jun 27 2017
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Machine didn't turn on this am. Siemens tell me that the machine received a powerful shock and needs a new power supply (Part # 10349228) & by the way it costs $2850.00 reconditioned or new for $3300.00? More good is not covered under warranty??? Any insights about what happened and a cost effective approach to repair? My phone is 310-498-2871. Thanks

Fri May 19 2017
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Do anybody have a Siemens Acuson X150 Service Manual?

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Power supply +- 100 volts not present if transducer PCB attached to machine is problem in the power supply or in the PCB ?

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Recently I have been experiencing issues with my Ultrasound, It started by a set of messages regarding a fan that is not working properly, I have already found out the culprit  and was waiting for the replacement part to arrive, but recently, since I do still work with it until I get the replacement fan, It stopped booting.

And by that I don't mean that it doesen't turn on, it does, but stays stuck on the boot screen, with the Acuson X150 logo and all. Does anyone know by chance what would cause this issue? Or is it just because the fan's not working?


Wed Sep 28 2016
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Can anyone help me out with service Many thanks

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