Fujinon - EPX-4400
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Fujinon - EPX-4400
Hello. Video processor Fujinon VP-4400. There is no image from the endoscope camera on the display. Where the image should be, a dark background with noise. The endoscope is serviceable, checked on another video processor. Help if you know what is the cause of the malfunction. Where can I find the service manual? Thank you.

RE: Fujinon - EPX-4400
Added  Jan 20 2015
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Fujinon - EPX-4400

The system reported:

XL4400 (1069)-Lamp changer failure.

Please show me how to fix it!


RE: Fujinon - EPX-4400
Updated  Mar 15 2017
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Fujinon - EPX-4400

the error: "XL4400 (1069)- lamp changer failure".

If people have service manual, please share to me or please show me how to solve the problem.

Appreciate and thank you so much!




RE: Fujinon - EPX-4400

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