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Updated  Apr 20 2020
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What is the max flow that this blender is calibrated to??

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Updated  Sep 3 2019
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Hello team, am installing an air/oxygen mixer/blender. but the gas comes out from the bottom, is it a problem. please help

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Updated  Sep 21 2018
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I am looking for training on how to service and perform the 2 year overhaul .

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Hello, I'm trying to confirm the maintenance schedule for these blenders. I've been told they need servicing every 6 months, with a calibration every 12 months and an overhaul every two years. However, the manual only says to replace the inlet filters every 6 months or as needed, with an overhaul every two years. Please help. Kind Regards, Matt

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Do you know the maximum preesures for Air and O2 that we can apply to the inlets of SECHRIST 3500 ?

Thank you in advance.




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