Stryker - FL28EX Go
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Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Stryker - FL28EX Go

Model:  Stryker FL28EX

The knee board actuator moves up and down correctly with both actuation of the Fowler board actuator in sync as well as when individually actuated. However in either case, natural weight of the mattress or patient will slowly push the actuator back down after achieving desired position. Does the actuator need replacing or is this a possible limiting switch problem, capacitor or board issue?

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Updated  Jul 20 2016
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Stryker - FL28EX Go

Where can i find an operational manual for this bed? I have been able to find the service manual, but not the operational manual. Thank you.


RE: Stryker - FL28EX Go

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Equipment Name: Stryker - FL28EX Go
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