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Thu Aug 8 2019
3 Replies

Hi every body, I have error 061 on bv pulsera c arm can some body help me to fixit ? best regards

Sat Jul 13 2019
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We have a c arm Philips Pulsera with problems,when we start the system appears M50 but inmediatly change to M223 or M 230,can any people help to me with this problem...thanks in advance

Fri May 17 2019
3 Replies

How can I get access to the Philips BV pulsera user guide or manual? the system froze in the middle of downloading images and the screen says to press the administration KEY to cancel export. We can not find where this is located and Philip tech support is not very helpful at this point.

Mon Apr 15 2019
2 Replies

I need bvscope and philips ist. Any one could help?

Wed Apr 3 2019
2 Replies

My digital exposure is working correctly he keeps on shooting a continuous x-ray. Has anyone else ran in to this?

2 Replies

Can anyine help me find BV scope software and service manual for Philips BV Pulsera c-arm? Thanks.

Wed Nov 21 2018
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Hello, Our viewing station won't turn on. Can hear a click when connected to power and the LED light comes on but nothing else. The C-arm doesn't appear to have power connection when connected. Any clues would be much appreciated. Thank you

7 Replies

muy buenos dias por favor necesito URGENTE, el manual de servicio del equipo de Rayos Philips BV Pulsera por que me da ERRORES ,como : M050-MUCHAS GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO

Fri Aug 31 2018
2 Replies

I am getting M397 error on Philips BV Pulsera c-arm. I figure its bad batteries or charger, but what is best way to verify? A manual and service key/software or whatever else is needed to service this system would be helpful also. Thanks.

Thu Jun 21 2018
6 Replies

Only 1st fluoro is successful after power on followed by errors M326 (generator not available) / M391 (battery charger voltage too low) and M205 (subsystem error, system still available). If turn off/on sequence above is repeated. Appreciatte if anyone can help with it.

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