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Added  Nov 25 2021
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Hello , I need help , our portable ultrasound Acuson P500 turn off when I connected the prob module and it didn't switch on again so I removed the battery and put it back it work but without the prob module, but when I connect one of the probs directly to the machine it works , so please help me how I can fix this problem

RE: Siemens - Acuson P500
Updated  Apr 3 2018
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After Moving the unit, a message appears on the screen that reads "no video input" . I connected an external monitor, which is working fine. how can we get the screen on the unit to come back?

RE: Siemens - Acuson P500
Updated  Mar 5 2018
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Hello, Can anyone tell me how to get inside the service menu?

RE: Siemens - Acuson P500

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