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Added  Mar 4 2024
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Dear Belmont X-ray Tech. Support,

Please advise if you have available a Wiring Diagram or Troubleshooting Manual for the Belmont  071-A  Control Box either on Paper or for Download,


Robert Herreria,  Technician

E.C.D. Services, Inc.



Equipment: Belmont Acuray 071-A

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Updated  Jan 28 2020
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Hello, I am looking for an Operations/User Manual for the Belmont Acuray 071A dental x-ray machine. Does anyone have a copy of the manual that they are willing to share? Or does anyone know where I can find one to download or purchase? Thank you, joe

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Added  Nov 29 2018
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I need the wiring diagram

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Updated  Aug 4 2017
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i am retiring and I want to sell my Belmont 071A and I will ship it to the buyer . I need information to estimate shipping cost. What are the dimensions & weight of the unit?

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Added  Mar 10 2017
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I am buying a used Belmont 071-A dental x ray unit .I need to know the wiring necessary to install.

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Added  May 16 2016
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What fuse do I need for the Belmont Acuray 071A?

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
Added  Jan 28 2016
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I need a service manual for this unit. Shooting 20 kv low

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A

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Equipment Name: Takara Belmont - 071-A
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