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Alma Lasers - Sinon
Technician in Tunisia urgent need. Trouble with Power Supply (resolved ) . Need for procedures to change laser cell, calibratation and complete maintenance . Also address of spare parts seller . Thank you very much.

RE: Alma Lasers - Sinon

Ftouh posted 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 19 2020
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GE Healthcare - Definium 5000

Communication error between the magic pc and the definium 5000 generator any idea... Any help?? 

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 5000

Dilson Mendoza  replied 2 days ago

Updated  Sep 17 2020
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Getinge - Shampaine 1900
I ask the community of this forum for help to get the shampaine model 1900RC surgery table service manual, thank you for your attention. regards

RE: Getinge - Shampaine 1900

Chris-CBET replied 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Stryker - FL28EX Go

Model:  Stryker FL28EX

The knee board actuator moves up and down correctly with both actuation of the Fowler board actuator in sync as well as when individually actuated. However in either case, natural weight of the mattress or patient will slowly push the actuator back down after achieving desired position. Does the actuator need replacing or is this a possible limiting switch problem, capacitor or board issue?

RE: Stryker - FL28EX Go

Joel63 replied 3 days ago

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Vital Scientific - Selectra XL
Hi im using a selectra xl with westengard rules, i want to know how to calculate SD for entering new referal values of new lot of QC? In the papers of kit i have target, lower and higher limits, but when i choose westengard serve SD

RE: Vital Scientific - Selectra XL

Klaudio posted 4 days ago

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Fujifilm - Standard Colonoscopes
I have an issue in the colonoscope fujifilm model EC-530WL3. If I want To supply air, I stop the hole in the center of the Air/water button with a finger, but the air does not exit from the air nozzle at the distal end. But, when I removed the air/water valve and closed the hole by finger, the air exit from the air nozzle at the distal end. But if I put the air/water valve and stop the hole of the center of the air/water button with a finger, the air does not exit from the nozzle. So, please help me. What can i do?

RE: Fujifilm - Standard Colonoscopes

T-Lobato replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 16 2020
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Horiba Medical - Pentra C200
I need Service manual how can give it to me urgently

RE: Horiba Medical - Pentra C200

MedWrench Kari replied 5 days ago

Added  Sep 16 2020
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GE Healthcare - LOGIQ 9
Please someone can share me GE logiq 9 ultrasound BIOS password for BEP3. I want to verify boot sequence because at running the device said " a disk read error occured

RE: GE Healthcare - LOGIQ 9

alihou2003_1396 posted 5 days ago

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Philips - HD11 XE
Hi. The PC CMOS is out of batteries and BIOS go to default setting. The BIOS settings were restored from the archive. The battery was replaced, but there was no sound in the Doppler cardio modes. Reinstalled device drivers from the menu - no effect. Options and\or service password - maybe it will help?

RE: Philips - HD11 XE

Serge_Mix replied 3 days ago

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ZEISS - OPMI Pentero
Try this if you are getting bulb errors when changing bulbs.

RE: ZEISS - OPMI Pentero

MedWrench Kari posted 5 days ago

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