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Updated  Feb 20 2024
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How do I fix the error 401 message?  Is there a reset or do I have to buy parts?

Equipment: stryker ms3 med surg bed

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Hello everybody.   I have a problem with my USG VOLUSON E6.  There is no sound on the speakers, whenever I want to listen to a baby´s  heart sound, there is no sound, I already check the speakers itself and the volume, looks ok,  but I can´t hear anything, is there anything else that I can do?


Equipment: VOLUSON E6

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To Lumenis Ltd.,

 My name Janhavi Tippan and I am a student currently enrolled in Biomedical Engineering Technology in Durham College, Oshawa, Canada. I am reaching out to request your participation in an interview for my term project.

The focus of my project this semester revolves around analyzing the process involved in bringing a medical device to market, particularly within the context of Health Canada's licensing process. I am interested in understanding the intricacies of this process, including factors such as manufacturing, regulatory requirements, clinical trials, and overall product development.

Your expertise and insights would be invaluable to my research, especially considering your position in renowned company as Lumenis Ltd. I am particularly interested in discussing the below device

Licence No.: 109917

Type: System

Device class: 3

Device first issue date 2023-08-23

Licence name: LUMENIS PULSE 60H

Device Type: Ablative Laser

The interview would last approximately 20 minutes and can be conducted at your convenience, either in person or via a preferred online platform. Your input will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will solely contribute to my academic endeavor.


My contact information,

Janhavi Tippan


Equipment: Lumenis - Pulse 120H

Added  Feb 19 2024
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Does anyone have disk pn# 7757532 image system for this system? 

RE: Siemens - UROSKOP Access
Updated  Feb 19 2024
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I'm trying to obtain a copy of the service manual.

Equipment: Excel 210SE/7900 TRM

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Excel 210 SE
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The equipment presents a failure in the image, low quality as if it lost power in B mode, color mode the roi fills as if the power was at max, and in Doppler noise is observed in the spectrum. Any suggestions or tests to do?

Equipment: Vinno A6

Added  Feb 19 2024
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manual técnico de serviço

Equipment: VIVIDT8 PRO

RE: GE HealthCare - Vivid T8
Added  Feb 19 2024
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Any one can help, the handpiece M4 not working with XPS 3000, however it working with the newer model IPC, 

I tried this M4 with another unit XPS 3000, also not working.

RE: Medtronic - XPS 3000
Added  Feb 19 2024
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What is your equipment GVI Medical Devices - mSPECT? I'm interesting to know about it.

RE: GVI Medical Devices - mSPECT
Updated  Feb 19 2024
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 What to do  In Error  A512

Equipment: Defibrillator TEC-5121k

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