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Updated  Aug 4 2020
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dear all, how I can change the language to English anyone can help me. best regards

Luis_Med replied 5 days ago

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Toshiba - Aplio 500
Hello, can anyone assist with this issue? I checked all the breakers and the amber power light is on, no pinched wires. Lost right now

RE: Toshiba - Aplio 500

MedWrench Kari replied 4 days ago

Updated  Aug 6 2020
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Vyaire - Bird Sentry 2

Hello, Does anyone have a Service Manual they are able to share for a Sentry 2 Blender ? Thanks Joyce

RE: Vyaire - Bird Sentry 2

MedWrench Kari replied 3 days ago

Updated  Aug 4 2020
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Error codes in text format is available for download

Luis_Med replied 5 days ago

Updated  Aug 5 2020
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Roche - Reflotron Plus

Hi All,


There are some old link that no longer work on this forum. Does someone have a service manual for this machine, Im trying to work out how to perform an ee-init and what the default values maybe. Not sure if I need to do this via the serial port or different method. Im helping out a friend here in Greece and would greatly appreciate any advise anyone could provide please.

RE: Roche - Reflotron Plus

hatzo replied 4 days ago

Added  Aug 4 2020
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CPI - Indico 100 Rad
Can I connect Indigo 100 Rad console directly to CMP200?

RE: CPI - Indico 100 Rad

Petri posted 6 days ago

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Baxter - Gambro AK200 ULTRA S
What is the quickest way to solve fluid tubes error in disinfection mode on Gambro AK 200 UltraS ? Dialysis pressure transducer (SAG) OK.

RE: Baxter - Gambro AK200 ULTRA S

ParaN1 posted 6 days ago

Updated  Aug 8 2020
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Aeonmed - VG70
Hi, i'd like to perform the calibrations on a new vg70 vent but I need a password to do this. Can anyone help with the password to the service and config page? Jerry

RE: Aeonmed - VG70

CMB7 replied a day ago

Added  Aug 3 2020
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Beckman Coulter - LH 500
Does anyone have a few example messages from this device? I need a bit more context to understand the message format.

RE: Beckman Coulter - LH 500

Nelson Bishop posted 6 days ago

Updated  Aug 3 2020
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Canon - CXDI-60G
Please provide english version of the procedure manual

RE: Canon - CXDI-60G

MedWrench Kari replied 7 days ago

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