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Updated  Nov 24 2020
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Cardiac Science - Quinton Q-Stress

Hello, I have a full Q-Stress unit, with TM55 and Tango+, recently the hard drive just burned out and we now need a copy of the software to have the unit working again, as it has more than 10 years old the manufacturer just won´t help with that and after 10 years no option to find original discs, anyone has this old unit that could possibly clone the disk and help me with that? please let me know if there is any cost on that.


RE: Cardiac Science - Quinton Q-Stress
Updated  Nov 24 2020
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circuit fiagram

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The Arjo Opera (now called the Maxi Move) I am working on will work only with the remote handset. The lift mounted control panel appears to be locked out or disconnected as the lift does not respond to any of the 4 button controls on it. I cannot find a service manual for it with which to explore if there is a way the control can be locked out or easily disconnected, It seems unlikely that all 4 buttons would fail at once. As the lift is currently located in a residence I want to minimize my time working on it and am looking for advice and or a service manual. Thanks

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Updated  Nov 24 2020
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AGFA - CR 30-X
4@02AB2C9! CF 1K; ?>2@5645=, 8 B5?5@L 53> 70G5=L @04 8 1;03>40@5=, 5A;8 1K :B>-=81C4L B D09;. >O ?>GB0: >;LH>5 A?0A81> 8 A C2065=85

RE: AGFA - CR 30-X
Updated  Nov 23 2020
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Hope you can help with this. When I do an autoclave cycle, I sometimes get the message: CYCLE ABORTED DUE TO HIGH PRESSURE CONDITION PRESS STOP TO RESET Can you tell me how to fix this problem?

Updated  Nov 23 2020
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GE Healthcare - Vivid E9
Does anyone know the BIOS password for the GE Vivid E9s?

RE: GE Healthcare - Vivid E9
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B. Braun - Infusomat Space
When I power on the infusomat space, I get this horrible alarm sound (every minute or so) and red light. The display does not light on and so I have no error code. It only stops if I stop the device. I guess my battery is depleted. However I read that it can be charged by leaving in 6 hours on. And the 6 hours have elapsed, and nothing changes. Is there any other test I can do? Something to charge the battery? Or is it not the battery? Thanks

RE: B. Braun - Infusomat Space

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