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Mon Feb 13 2017

Battery Issues

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Has anyone experienced any issues with these batteries? We have gone through many batteries as the covers keep separating.

Thu Feb 02 2017

very nice

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more description about software

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I have been working with the ALCON INFINITI since its inception. I was an employee of ALCON for over 20 years and grew up with the Laser, Phaco and VITRET systems. I now service the systems and stock parts for the system. Over the years, we have been asked where did we get our training on the ALCON systems. Being with ALCON, the answer was easy. We now have a BIOMED school dedicated to the PM and Full service of the ALCON INFINITI and the ALCON ACCURUS systems. B.E.S.T. Training (Biomedical Engineer Service Technician) has a 2 day and 4 day programs. The 2 day program covers the anatomy and physiology of the eye plus the hands on PM training including the specal tools. The 4 day progarm is an extension of the PM training and goes into detail on the system modules, replacement and advanced diagnosis for troubleshooting problems. The 4 day program comes with an APPLE iPad in addition to the two PM kits from the PM training. If you have any questions, we are available to assit.

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Seeing some common issues on here that others are having issues with. I have many years of experience with diagnosing and repairing. Specialize in hillrom and stryker beds and stretcher repairs on-site and off-site. I enjoy helping my fellow bed guys when in need.-Mike

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Check out this ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin "ALERT: Alarm Not Activated after Infusion Pump Tubing Incorrectly Loaded". After reading it, and testing multiple 6201 pumps, at low flow rates, I was able to consistently re-create up to 900% error, over and under, on multiple IV pumps. I can't believe the pump wasn't actually recalled! http://www.ismp-canada.org/download/safetyBulletins/ISMPCSB2003-10PumpTubing.pdf

Thu Jan 29 2015

help for repair

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Dear sir, This is Saeed Ehsanirad from Iran.I work with Navid teb apadana,Thanks for your CO-pearation.please send service manual for mocom basic 2001.it has error 035. Sincerely yours, Saeed ehsanirad

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Scan times are also 12 and 20 seconds for the standard scans. The new low dose options have exposure times at 3& 3.7 seconds http://www.carestreamdental.com/ImagesFileShare/.sitecore.media_library.Files.3D_Imaging.9300.9300-Ludlow-Abstract.pdf

Thu Mar 27 2014

Need Help

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If you need help with a Mux 100 or Evo let me know. Worked on them for 8 years and have the info you may need. Just send me a message.

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If any of you have experienced failure on the surgical hand pieces and graspers.Contact me, I have investigated several failures I can help determining root cause of problems

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Check this link http://www.docin.com/p-168167515.html

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