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Wed Nov 29 2017
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Anyone know password for configuration. Please email me at tcowell@mmchs.org

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For everyone out there with an AMX-4+ with Virtual Imaging/Cannon digital up-grade and are having Generator errors (45C) and battery issues. The first and usually only thing I do is sync the batteries using the Loop Test. Go into diagnostics and then Loop Test, write 0cb4 to address FF. This will cause bar graph and batteries to sync. Exit Diag and cycle key switch. When you turn back on the screen will blank after start up for 5 seconds. When it comes back on the bar graph and batteries will be synced. Most of the time this will fix any/all errors. Try it, it works.

Fri Sep 29 2017
Last Reply Tue Nov 14 2017
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Thank you for your kind reply. Please find below more information about further troubleshooting by our technician: Here is the findings of our technician just re-visiting the site to do further troubleshooting as advise. - I did the reset and it was still the same thing - So I did a test on the RU - The error on the RU is 11700 - The result on the test 13720 points to the fan in the manual - I open the place of the fan its missing (we can perhaps source this locally) Please advise and give us quote for the replacement should this be the conclusion. Thanks.

Fri Sep 29 2017
Last Reply Fri Sep 29 2017
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I have with Capsula X, though it erazed well but with a beeping sound error of erasure lamp fault, though fuses were checked to be o.k. Should we then replace the entire Erasure unit to remove the sound and error, though still erasing, but the customer is not happy with the error and sound. Kindly give you advice and part number for the this part and dealer contact. Thanks. Gafar i did a secondary erasure and i see lamps ??? i am assuming it is lamps but do not know how to replace them .

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NEW ADVERTISE W306001CDM DOES NOT INIATIALIZE. please help me resolve the fail. its a AGFA Drystar 5302. I turn it off and on several times until it starts correctly.

Wed May 24 2017
Last Reply Fri Jun 23 2017
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I am in requirement of Single patient use Patient tubing with integral Heater wire to be used with Stephanie Ventilator ..Can any one help with that

Tue Jul 03 2012
Last Reply Tue Mar 21 2017
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Hospira has been co-selected for the AAMI Foundation/Institute for Technology in Health Care Clinical Award. Its Plum A+ infusion pump and Mednet safety software system have helped Lancaster General Hospital achieve error-free medication delivery and improved patient safety. See the full news story here: http://www.aiv-inc.com/iv-pump-news/hospira-and-baxter-sigma-infusion-pump-systems-receive-awards.html

Sat Mar 18 2017
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Good Day Everyone! i would like to ask if anyone here have an idea regarding the error on the 3T heater-cooler system? the error is EE4. also please send me a copy of the service manual of this unit. i only have the user manual and i need to know the corresponding error codes. Thank you and Best regards.

Thu Oct 17 2013
Last Reply Sat Apr 16 2016
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I have been working with  the ALCON INFINITI since its inception.  I was an employee of ALCON for over 20 years and grew up with the Laser, Phaco and VITRET systems.

I now service the systems and stock parts for the system.  Over the years, we have been asked where did we get our training on the ALCON systems.  Being with ALCON, the answer was easy.  We now have a BIOMED school dedicated to the PM and Full service of the ALCON INFINITI and the ALCON ACCURUS  systems.

B.E.S.T. Training (Biomedical Engineer Service Technician) has a 2 day and 4 day programs.  The 2 day program covers the anatomy and physiology of the eye plus the hands on PM training including the specal tools. The 4 day progarm is an extension of the PM training and goes into detail on the system modules, replacement and advanced diagnosis for troubleshooting problems.  The 4 day program comes with an APPLE iPad in addition to the two PM kits from the PM training. 

If you have any questions, we are available to assit.

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Check out this ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin "ALERT: Alarm Not Activated after Infusion Pump Tubing Incorrectly Loaded".  

After reading it, and testing multiple 6201 pumps, at low flow rates, I was able to consistently re-create up to 900% error, over and under, on multiple IV pumps.  I can't believe the pump wasn't actually recalled!  


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