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Accuri Cytometers, Inc. was founded to address a compelling need: life scientists love the rapid cell-by-cell analysis capability of flow cytometers, but too few have a flow cytometer in their lab. The barriers for most researchers include cost of the instrument, complexity of the software, effort required for maintenance, and the large amount of bench space required for the instrument. ...Ask customers what they want> We started by asking life science researchers what they thought about the possibility of having a full featured analytical flow cytometer for a reasonable price. Almost every one said the same thing: "I don't believe it is possible, but wow, that would be great! When can I get one?" We thought we knew how it could be done, so we started building one. Along the way we interviewed and surveyed hundreds of researchers to understand their needs, and we translated those needs into the specifications that guided the development of the entire Accuri product line.

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Accuri Cytometers - C6 Flow Cytometer

Accuri Cytometers - C6 Flow Cytometer

A simple design for complex research. Our engineers had a daunting task-build a cytometer that is compact, simple to operate and easy to afford.
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