OxyHealth LLC
10719 Norwald Blvd
Santa Fe Springs, CA, US


The Start of a Revolution - Portable Hyperbaric Chambers for Hyperbaric Oxygen.   OxyHealth has changed the way the medical industry practices hyperbaric medicine. From the beginning, OxyHealth began its revolution one portable hyperbaric chamber at a time. By offering portable hyperbaric chambers that lent themselves to clinicians, researchers and patients through ease, affordability and safety, these early sound business practices paved the way for the many bustling modern hyperbaric practices we see these days.     Because OxyHealth has taken the “work” or “burden” out of operating a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, its user-friendly designs continue to entice doctors and patients alike. In fact, the mass appeal of OxyHealth’s portable hyperbaric chambers has made hyperbaric therapy the hot button modality in the medical field today.     And, it’s no wonder. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber installation requires little to no down time (even for its higher pressure steel chambers!); the cost consideration is fair and manageable; chamber safety records are flawless; and customer care has become an ‘art’ in the service of clients.     With over 7000 chambers in service today (that’s more than all other manufacturers combined!), OxyHealth is the global leader in quality and safety. So many chambers, so many options, so much ease. More than at any other time, hyperbaric therapy is possibly the most possible now because of the bold moves this company decided were worth the price. OxyHealth designs have provided an in-road into the medical profession in ways that have reached out to many people who may otherwise not have been able to attain hyperbaric therapy. Practitioners too have been given new, accessible tools—modalities within reach—for the benefit of patients in an immediate way… not as a last resort option rarely available at an expensive hospital chamber—as has been common practice in the healthcare industry for years..     By focusing on the unmet needs in the hyperbaric community, OxyHealth has developed an armory of products that have transported the field to new heights—forever changing how doctors and researchers provide care to the patients they treat. At the forefront of the OxyHealth business platform is its commitment to keep a firm hand on the pulse of the field and to keep raising the level of technology, while keeping products within public reach.

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