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Slitlamp Microscopes is a company providing high quality ophthalmic and optometric microscopes for eyecare physician, optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Eye diseases and eye conditions can be detected and diagnosed with a slit lamp ophthalmic microscope. Common eye diseases and conditions in the study of ophthalmology and optometry may consist of glycoma, optic nerve damage, cornea damage, retina damage, bacterial eye infections, degenerative eye diseases, macular degeneration, dry eye diseases, etc. Proper and early diagnosis of a medical condition by an eye doctor is imperative for treatment of eye diseases. A visit to most opticians for a medical eye checkup as well as a more detailed checkup by an ophthalmic medical doctor (ophthalmologist) should consist of viewing the eyes through a slit lamp microscope.    Other optical ophthalmologic instruments used by optometrists and ophthalmic doctors consist of keratometers, retinoscopes (for retinoscopy), ophthalmoscopes, lensometers, auto refractometers, ellipsometers, pupilometers, eye charts, ophthalmic surgical instrument, and ophthalmic surgical microscopes. We also sell all of these and can provide them to licensed optometrists and ophthalmic physicians.     The image quality and ease of use of these slit lamp microscopes is nice. They are an excellent choice for opthalmic physicians and diagnostic facilities around the world. For eye doctors on a small budget, their low cost is a great benefit.     If you are a medical ophthalmic optometric doctor or optician and need a slit lamp microscope for examination of the patient's eyes, please call us today. We can tell you about the features, options, and functionality of our ophthalmologic slitlamp microscopes.

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