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In 1993, Dr Ulmer and a team of researchers from the CNRS (French National Center of Research) designed a video system to analyse eye movement in the context of nystagmography examinations practised by ENT specialists. The apparatus named "Video Nystamo-Graphe" or VNG, was to be used to diagnose balance disorders, such as dizziness.    This device revolutionised the practices of the time through a real-time processing of information, thus leading to time savings and greater precision in diagnosis.    The designers invited Mr De Rosa, a biomedical engineer, to market the device and so in 1993, the company of Synapsys was founded. That same year a license to sell the product was granted. 

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Synapsys - Video Nystagmography

Video-Nystagmography uses real-time analysis of eye movements that meets the demands of assessing the “Dizzy Patient” while providing a system that is comfortable for the patient.

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