Genoray America Inc.
1073 N. Batavia St. A
Orange, CA, US


Since 2001, Genoray have spread surgical C-Arms and created innovative diagnosis environment by introducing Portable Dental X-rays. Abundant experience and expertise in X-ray equipment leads our steady improvement and innovation to continuously offer industry leading X-ray equipment. With mission of ‘Providing better Tools for Diagnosis’; Genoray have continuously to improve its product to be industry leader today. Using abundant experiences in Medical Diagnostic Tools and unchallengeable expertise, Genoray will always provide affordable advanced medical diagnostic device. Genoray now manufacture devices in many different medical fields such as Dental (CT, Portable X-ray, Panorama X-ray, and Detector), Orthopedics (C-Arm), and Mammography (Mammography X-ray).

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