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AMBCO Electronics was initially founded by A.M. Brooks in 1941. In 1985, George and Maria Koutures purchased the company, and a year later, moved operations to its present location in Tustin, California. The initial emphasis at this time in the company's history was to redesign the products, which resulted in the Models 650A and 650AB, the Model 1000, and the Model 1500 digital automatic audiometer. The Model 2500 later replaced the Model 1500 as a state of the art, automatic industrial audiometer. Additionally, the Model 1000+ was the first digital audiometer with a printer that was offered to the primary care industry.

Equipment List

Ambco - Patient Response Push Button

The Ambco Patient Response Push Button is designed for use with Ambco audiometers, such as the 650A, 650AB, 1000 , and 2500.

Ambco - 1000+

A pure tone audiometer with sequential screening

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