Newport Medical

Newport Medical Instruments, Inc.
1620 Sunflower Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA, US


Newport Medical is a privately-owned, physician-led company, focused solely on the design and manufacture of dependable, life improving ventilators that are affordable for caregivers worldwide. Newport Medical has a 25-year history of making clinically driven business decisions measured by their ability to meet long-term goals instead of short-term quarterly profits

Equipment List

Newport Medical - HT50

The Newport HT50 Ventilator is the value leader in ventilatory care.

Newport Medical - E100i

A universal ventilator that is pneumatically powered and electronically controlled.   

Newport Medical - E100m

The Newport E100M offers built-in valve and versatility in a simple to use ventilator

Newport Medical - HT70 Plus

A Portable Ventilator with Exceptional Capabilities

Newport Medical - Wave E-200

The Wave E-200 was designed with a focus on harmony between patient and ventilator.

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