Neusoft Medical Systems USA
14425 Torrey Chase, Suite 100
Houston, TX, US


Neusoft Medical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation, an IT solutions and services provider in China. Its business scope involves medical equipment (CT, MRI, x-ray, US, PET, linear accelerators, biochemistry analyzers, and patient monitors) and services, medical IT solutions (HIS, RIS, LIS, PACS, EMR, telemedicine, and CAD), and healthcare services. Phone: 1-281-453-1205

Equipment List

Neusoft - Superstar 0.35T

Superstar 0.35T MRI combines Philips' advanced technology with Neusoft Permanent Open Magnet.

Neusoft - NAM-P023A(HQ)

The HQ 0.23-tesla MRI is developed and manufactured by Philips-Neusoft joint venture.

Neusoft - NAX-500RF

Affordable direct digital diagnosis device Outstanding system design: Seamlessly integrated design with a high conversion efficiency, delivering new-generation digital imaging quality

Neusoft - NeuViz 64

The NeuViz 64 CT scanner provides increased coverage, better image quality and faster exams.

Neusoft - NeuViz

Fully realize your diagnostic potential

Neusoft - NeuVix Dual

An affordable and reliable system with the newest, future-oriented technology

Neusoft - NeuViz 16

Premier patient care, simultaneously lower cost

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