Karl Storz

Mittelstr. 8, 78532 Tuttlingen
Postfach 230, 78503 Tuttlingen, DE


Since its beginnings in 1945, KARL STORZ has established itself worldwide as an international and highly regarded company in the production and sale of medical instruments and devices. Not a giant on an international scale, but leaders in matters that count: creativity, versatility and competence.

Equipment List

Karl Storz - Image 1 HUB HD

The unique combination of ease-of-use and excellent image quality ensures time-efficiency and maximum patient safety.

Karl Storz - Image 1 S3

Karl Storz Image 1™ S3 Digital Camera Head

Karl Storz - SCB Image 1 HD HUB

Karl Storz SCB Image 1™ HD HUB Camera Control Unit

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