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Esaote North America was founded in 1979 as a division of Boehringer Mannheim, and was originally named Biodynamics. Initially, the company focused entirely on vascular ultrasound technology, and was an industry leader in this marketplace. In fact, Biodynamics was the first company to market an ultrasound system dedicated specifically to the vascular application. In 1983, the Andersen Group of Bloomfield, CT acquired Biodynamics from Boehringer Mannheim to form Biosound, a freestanding ultrasound corporation. In 1984, Andersen acquired the cardiac ultrasound division of the Honeywell Corporation and merged it with Biosound to expand the company’s operations from vascular to cardiovascular ultrasound. During the 1980’s, most of the manufacturing of Biosound’s ultrasound equipment was performed here at the Indianapolis headquarters. The systems are now manufactured in Italy with final assembly and testing done here at the Indianapolis facility. In 1990, Esaote Biomedica, an Italian-based company with offices in both Florence and Genoa, acquired full-ownership of Biosound and renamed the company Biosound Esaote. Through the 1990’s, Biosound Esaote continued to thrive in the cardiovascular ultrasound market and in the 2000’s, began to expand into additional clinical specialties. The most recent product line, MyLab®, is a high performance ultrasound family that provides comprehensive diagnoses, offers excellent value and features high-level functionality in both portable and console-based options. In 2007, Biosound Esaote began selling the S-scan system to the U.S. MRI Musculoskeletal market and more recently, added the O-scan and G-scan systems. Esaote’s decision to use direct sales through Biosound Esaote in the U.S. reflected the strategic importance of participating in the growing market and addressing the needs of U.S. customers. Now Esaote North America, we are a major marketer of MRI systems in the musculoskeletal arena and ultrasound systems for all applications.

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